Safe the date: German Tree Care Conference 2019: May 07 to 09

26. German Tree Care Conference: Plenty of time and opportunity for discussion

26. German Tree Care Conference: Plenty of time and opportunity for discussion

Is the law on using native shrubs and trees practical? Do women have a worse status than men in tree care? And should tree inspectors privately insure themselves? The topics of the German Tree Care Conference 2018 were diverse and were excitedly discussed in panel discussions. The most important European tree care event celebrated two anniversaries this year: The climbing forum turned 20, and the location “Messe Augsburg“ was for the tenth time the event venue, attracting 1,550 participants from more than 20 nations this year.

Read more about the conference in the ISA journal ARBORIST NEWS.

The conference with its lectures and discussions establishes an interactive tie between theoretical and practical tree care. During the three-day conference experts of different disciplines of arboriculture come together for an exchange of information.

Tree Climbing Forum
Arborists and tree climbers from all over Europe and overseas will find a program especially designed for their professional belongings. International speakers combine practical-orientated lectures with practical presentations on the climbing tower in the outdoor area.

Trade Show
The German Tree Care Conference is accompanied by a trade show on which 140 well-known exhibitors will present their innovations, products and services for every-day work in arboriculture. Furthermore, there will be various activities and presentations in the hall and outside area.

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Augsburg 2018 - diverse and interactive

Dirk DujesiefkenThis year, the participants praised the comprehensive range of topics and the many possibilities for questions and discussions. The whole area was very lively. From morning to evening, there were agile discussions and various demonstrations. The constructive discussions in a pleasant atmosphere was mentioned several times. Trees and nature protection are the common basis of the attendend crowd at the German Tree Care Conference. Mark Bridge, member of treemagineers, put it this way: These people here live and work to preserve our trees. I think that describes very well the we-feeling of this event.

I would like to thank particularly this year's partners of the conference, the Municipal Prejudice Compensation of West German Cities (KSA) and the German Large City Liability Insurance Association (HADG) for their presentations regarding tree inspection and the association "Communities for Biodiversity" for the lectures on nature conservation. Furthermore I like to thank „treemagineers. For the 20th anniversary of the climbing forum they developed a new concept of presentation with a tower, a tree and a LED screen in the hall. Thus, the conference was again particularly practical and at the same time scientifically based.

From the feedback of the participants and their wishes for new topics, we will work out in the coming weeks the program of the next German Tree Care Conference. This will take place from 7 to 9 May 2019. I am already looking forward to seeing all the colleagues who live and work for trees!

Yours D. Dujesiefken

Yearbook of Arboriculture

The Yearbook of Arboriculture edited by Prof. Dr. Dirk Dujesiefken contains the lectures and the scientific poster session of each year. All articles are well illustrated; they are written in German and have English summaries. In addition you can find addresses of organizations and companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in this reference work. Publisher: Haymarket Media, Braunschweig.

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